Gallant Farm Bulldogges,

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Welcome to the farm.

       My name is Maryann,owner and breeder of the Gallant Farm Bloodline Bulldogges,

I have been raising and breeding this line for almost 17 years,it is a labor of love.

      I have kept the line generational,have not added no foundation breedings (English

bulldogs,american,or any other breed) . I have brought in a outcross (generational from

a different bloodline) when needed, taken dogges out of my breeding program that did

not meet the standard,such as to short,top line not good,pinched nares, ear set wrong,

lack of pigment,. I have not added any of the "fad" colors such as blue,lilac tri's.trindles

or purple.Although I will admit I would like to have a blue Gallant Farm Bloodline Bulldogge

one day.

     I breed for health,temperament and structure. I produce red with black mask,red fawn, fawn,

white piebald,sables and brindles and also chocolate fawn.

     My dogges are on the bigger side, "Ole school" more leg ,big bone, nice heads "Blocky" they

are in proportion with the body, not exaggerated or over done, well balanced, clean breathers,can

take the Georgia summers, wide muzzles short,but not smashed face. They breed naturally(no AI's),

Whelp naturally(I am always with my girls when they give birth.)

  I have helped several people get started and or mentored  them,Mandy Matthews of Piney Grove Bulldogs line was founded on the Gallant Farm Bloodline.I am working with Amy Green Porch of Back Porch Bullies ,Ken Clack of Wrinkleville Bullies and Jack and Michelle Valentine with the hope of keeping the Gallant Bloodline  going so when it comes time for me to retire the Gallant Bulldogges will still go on.

Gallant Farm Bulldogges are Olde English Bulldogges,OEB's, Craig called his dogges this and spelled it this way, I spell it and call them the same. I have the best job in the world,I love these Dogges.