Gallant Farm Bulldogges,

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Gallant Farms History and Current Goals

Credit where Credit is due.

 Craig Green is and was the founder and creator of the Gallant Farm Bloodline Bulldogges,he started breeding his idea of the bulldogges of old back in the late 80's early 90's. He produced some awesome and well known bulldogges,Gallants Jack Dempsey,Gallants Otis and Gallants Boris just to name a few. 

  Craig retired from breeding due to health problems in 2005. I was lucky to have worked with him and his dogges,got to see and lay hands on some of his work,fell in love with Jack Dempsey and my teddy bear Gallants Otis.When Craig retired he asked me and my husband Donald if we would consider carrying on the Bloodline and the name, it was a honor,he signed over the Gallant Farm name to us and I made him a promise that I would do right by the dogges,an keep the line going and do my best to make him proud.

  Craig was a dear friend and my mentor,he got me started in the Olde English Bulldogges.

                       Craig passed away in 2006 He is missed

                        very much,and I hope he is watching over

                         me and his line of Bulldogges.

Gallant Farms Current Goals


Temperment: easy going,playful,loving eager to please.

                       They can be stubborn,but use a firm hand.

                       I have not and will not breed a overly aggressive dogge,

                       I am a small woman,(I don"t do mean  dogges)

 Hips : I have all my breeding dogges checked and x-rayed, will not knowingly breed

            a bad hipped dogge.


FYI : Two good hipped dogges can produce a dogge with bad hips,(Research Please)

         because Bad hips(HD) is not just genetic it can also be environmental.

Skin: will not breed a dogge with flea sensitivity.Will not breed a dogge knowingly that does not have a good healthy

         immune system,that is one of the big reasons I raise my breeding dogges from pups(6-8 wks). Will not buy or

         get a grown dogge and bring into my breeding program.

Clean Breathers; good open nares, although I have had a few pinched nares in a litter,I am working on correcting this


                            My dogges do fine during the hot Georgia summers

                            My dogges breed naturally(NO A.I's)

                            My females whelp naturally,no C-sections,planned or emergency(so far) knock on wood.

                            I am always with my girls when they give birth.

 No cherry eye,entropion or any issues with their eyes at all.

 And just so it is understood,NO DOGGE IS PERFECT. mine sure aren't, But any pup produced at Gallant Farm

 comes from healthy ,thriving loving parents, raised and produced here, with that being said "I STAND BEHIND MY

 DOGGES AND THE GALLANT FARM NAME.  proud owner and breeder Maryann Frachiseur.