Gallant Farm Bulldogges,

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Gallant Boys

Gallants Deacon


Sire-Gallants Doc Holiday

Dame-Gallants Delta Dawn

Deacon is outgoing,playful,loyal,protective,well balanced,he is a Mama's boy.

Gallants Waylon Valentine


Sire-Gallants Jarvis of Pineygrove

Dame-Gallants Tinkerbelle

Waylon is our upcoming hopeful

he has a lot of growing to do and

some big shoes to fill.

Pineygroves Taz of Gallant


Sire-Gallants Doodlebug of Wrinkleville

Dame-Pineygroves June Carter Memphis(LIL Brown)

Taz lives with Amy,a friend who

has him spoiled rotten. Taz is

still part of the Gallant Farm

breeding program,Big thanks to

Amy,she does a wonderful job

with Taz,he sure loves her.